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Samkwang Glass Co.,Ltd takes the lead in developing the Kitchenware and Packing Container industry.


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  • Company Name Samkwang Glass Co.,Ltd
    Date of Establishment Jun 27 1967
    Date of Company Listing Jan 6 1993
    CEO Lee, Bok Young, Lee, Do Haeng
    Main Business Kitchenware(Storage, Cookware), Glass Bottle, Can
    Capital \24.27 billion
    Total Asset \815.3 billion (as of Dec 2014)
    Number of Employees 473 (as of Dec 2014)
    Plants Nonsan, Cheonan, Deagu, Incheon (Warehouse)
    Affiliates eTec E&C Limited, Gunjang Energy Co.,Ltd, Quartz Tech Limited, Ordeg Co.,Ltd, eTec Infra Co.,Ltd, SG Development Co.,Ltd
    Headquarters 2F/3F, Songahm Bldg, Yangjae-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, 137-700, Korea
    Main Number +82 (2)-489-8000+82 (2)-489-8000

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